Newco's Specialty Division

Newco Distributors - Specialty Division is the Certified LabDiet Dealer for California, parts of Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

Offering the highest quality and largest selection of lab and exotic animal diets, bedding, and enrichment products.


About Newco Specialty

Newco Distributors Specialty Division provides quality products geared toward the Lab Animal Industry. Over the past 30 years our goal has been to offer exceptional value to our customers. We want to be your number one choice for feed, bedding, and enrichment supplies. With weekly deliveries to all areas of California, we are confident that we can meet your scheduling requirements.

Our staff members are active in multiple branches of AALAS including, Palms to Pines, Tri-branch, California, San Diego, Northern California, Sacramento Valley, and National. We are proud and dedicated members of this growing industry.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available to answer your questions regarding your delivery status, product inquiries, and can assist you step by step with your custom TestDiet needs. Contact Customer Service.

ISO 9001:2008 & AIB Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Certification showcases our commitment to quality, to our customers, and to our products. Newco Specialty consistently monitors and evaluates our performance based on customer feedback and perfomance measurements in key areas such as Product Rotation, Temperature Control, Pest Control, Sanitation, Lot Tracking, and Customer Service. Please read our Quality Policy for more information. Our ISO Certificates are available here: Northern California and Southern California.

Maintaining AIB Certification means that Newco Specialty meets all regulatory requirements, safety programs, and industry best practices. Our certified procedures ensure safe handling and delivery of all products and guarantee a sanitary and reliable distribution environment with the ability to meet the demands of our customers. Our AIB Certificates are available here: Northern California and Southern California.

Our Mission

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals, striving to provide quality products, quality services, and competitive pricing. Individually, it is our goal to be remarkable in our job performance.

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